New DIY Nail Polish Rack!


I finally got all of my polishes organized and displayed on this super easy DIY nail polish rack I made last weekend! What do you think?? I can’t believe it’s 4ft tall and already almost full!!


More Stuff for Sale (Polishes)

Hey guys, I have some more stuff up or sale. ( told y’all I was majorly getting rid of stuff lol)

The Revlon and Sally Hansen are $2.50 each.





The NARS Night Rider is $7.50



And the Zoya “Gemma” is $3.50



Email me ( if any of them catch your eye

The Horror of my Hands

Warning: The image you’re about to see is not suitable for nail lovers, polish fanatics, or small children. You’ve been warned…


Isn’t it horrible?!?!? Ugh this is how my nails and hands have been looking for the past few weeks. Thank goodness I don’t work with customers lol. This polish has been on since my interview for my job the last week of March!! The horror! The thumb was from my recent polish testing at Sally’s last week. Smh. To be a polish/nail fanatic, I’m ashamed my hands look like this. My toes look so much better and no one even sees those! Lol but to my defense I am completely out of cotton balls and polish remove. Not a good excuse. I know. But it’s the truth. *sigh* they will be better within the next few days I promise. And to think this is my “good” hand smh.

Everything MUST go!!!!

Hey guys 

As you know I am having a blog sale, and while I have sold some things, I still have a lot left. So make me an offer, because everything must go!! lol Shoot me an email at, subject “Blog Sale” if you have any questions or if there is something on the list you are interested in.



Polish Haul coming soon!!!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I know I am! As the title suggests I have a polish haul that I will be hopefully posting today or tomorrow. I don’t even remember how many polishes I got this weekend but I am really excited to try them all out!! (even though I know it’s going to take awhile lol) But stay tuned for my haul