Eating Healthy While Traveling

The holiday season is almost over and one thing that was extremely important to me while I was traveling to visit family across the country was to continue eating heathy. Especially in the airport because anyone who has traveled knows airport food prices are outrageous!!!!

As an early Christmas gift my boyfriend bought me a 6 pack bag!!


This thing is AMAZING!!! it is the 300 edition so there is room for 3 meal trays that stay either hot or cold, 2 side pockets that will both hold 2shaker/blender bottles or containers for other food items! I put 2 bottles in one side and containers for fruit in the other! There’s also room in the top pouch for tons is other things! And as long as there is no liquid over 3oz when I go through security I can pretty much pre prep any food I want and bring it with me!!!!

Although a bag like this isn’t an option for everyone, the key is to just plan ahead. Even Ziploc bags with pre portioned heathy snacks are perfect traveling options!!

I did indulge some over the Christmas holiday and I do not feel bad about it. But I did prep healthy foods for my trip there, my stay and my trip pack so I could stay on track even while I had my occasional treat meals! Balance is everything!!!