Eating Healthy While Traveling

The holiday season is almost over and one thing that was extremely important to me while I was traveling to visit family across the country was to continue eating heathy. Especially in the airport because anyone who has traveled knows airport food prices are outrageous!!!!

As an early Christmas gift my boyfriend bought me a 6 pack bag!!


This thing is AMAZING!!! it is the 300 edition so there is room for 3 meal trays that stay either hot or cold, 2 side pockets that will both hold 2shaker/blender bottles or containers for other food items! I put 2 bottles in one side and containers for fruit in the other! There’s also room in the top pouch for tons is other things! And as long as there is no liquid over 3oz when I go through security I can pretty much pre prep any food I want and bring it with me!!!!

Although a bag like this isn’t an option for everyone, the key is to just plan ahead. Even Ziploc bags with pre portioned heathy snacks are perfect traveling options!!

I did indulge some over the Christmas holiday and I do not feel bad about it. But I did prep healthy foods for my trip there, my stay and my trip pack so I could stay on track even while I had my occasional treat meals! Balance is everything!!!


I’ve Been Tagged!!!

Happy Sunday all!! I’ve been tagged by Mae over at Mae’s Beauty Reports. This is my first tag so I’m pretty excited, thanks Mae!!!

Here are the rules:


1) You must post 11 things about yourself on your blog.

2) You must answer the questions that the tagger has set for you as well as create a new set of eleven questions for those who you tag to answer.

3) Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.

4) Go to their page and tell them!

5) No tag backs.

6) You legit have to tag

So here are the 11 things about me:

1. I am an only child. My parents divorced when I was really young, so besides the bi yearly trips cross country to visit my dad, it was just me and my mom the majority of my life.

My mom and I after our first 5k!

2.  I have a Chi-Poo puppy (he’s mixed with poodle and chihuahua) named Latte who is my child in doggie form lol he thinks he’s a big baby anyway.


3. Me and My Honey, Michael, have been together for 5 years this past January and I love him to pieces. We’re complete opposites but fit together like 2 perfect puzzle pieces.

Me & Honey

This is a typical "us" picture lol

4. I’m a Gemini and my birthday is May 30, but I attempt to celebrate the ENTIRE month lol and almost everything used to describe a Gemini, typically describes me.

Pretty Much Describes Me lol

5. My favorite colors are now pink and turquoise but growing up I seriously loathed anything pink and girly.
6. If you were to put a label on my eating habits or diet, I suppose I would be currently classified as a Pollo-pescetarian, meaning the only meat I eat is chicken and fish, but I am slowly getting away from chicken as well and hope to one day be a full on vegetarian.

Animal crackers... yummm

(I can’t wait to get one of these awesome vegetarian shirts at Loop’s & Pluto)

7. I have a horrible sweet tooth but since changing my diet, junk food doesn’t taste the same to me. Most of it tastes artificial and ends up making me gag and look for something else. It’s a blessing and a curse lol

8. I kind of love crocheting and jewelry making now. It’s exciting and relaxing.

9. I love to cook but I’m more of a baker.

10. I believe in writing things down to make them happen.

11. I pretty much only drink water and the occasional juice, but I now love those little Mio water enhancer drops.

Now on to the tagged questions

1. What is the best gift you have ever received? This could be interpreted either way, a lesson or experience, or an item / actual “gift”

-When I was younger, my dad gave me a stuffed bear that I named Teddy, after he died, it’s one of the only material things I have left to remember him by, therefore it’s my favorite stuffed animal and gift.

2. If you could have dinner with one celebrity, dead or alive, with whom would it be, what would you dine on, and what would you talk about?

-I would love to have dinner with Bow Wow, only because he was the first celebrity crush I had. It started when I was about 9 and almost 13 years later it’s still going strong lol

3. If you had your own clothing line, what would it be called, who would it be catered to, and what would be a few of the main colors included in the line?

-My clothing line would be called Beautiful Belle, catered to young women, ages 20-27, and the main colors would be neutrals, with pops of colors to accent the clothing.

4. What is your favorite product that you just could not live without, and why?

-I couldn’t live without shea butter. I have really sensitive skin so I love that is all natural and I can add whatever oils I like to make it work for me.

5. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

-A few months ago I would have said pizza, but now I think it would be pasta. So much you can do with it and I’m a carb freak lol

6. When and why did you first start blogging?

-I first started blogging as a step up from journaling, and then wanted to track and share my natural hair journey, which has now turned into a loc journey.

7.  What is your favorite make up brand, nail polish brand, and clothing?

-Favorite make up is MAC, nail polish would be OPI or China Glaze, and clothing would be American Eagle because I LOVE how their jeans fit me for a reasonable price.

8. Who is your favorite storybook character and why?

-Storybook character… hmmm… as of right now since I’m a huge Twilight fan I would have to say Bella or Edward. 🙂

Alright, i will make the last few a little easier I know by now this has taken a lot of thinking and typing by now :) but I had fun and I hope you do, as well as reading others.

9.  What is your dream job?

-My dream job would be to have a business from home selling things that I craft and create. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, this way with a business at home, I could be home with my family and still make some money.

10. What is one thing you have always wanted to do? (Ex. Bungee jump)

-I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and Paris. Italy for the food and Paris for the shopping lol

11. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

-My favorite thing to do in my spare time is crochet while watching movies.

Who I tag






Domestic Diva M.D






Now on to my tagger questions

1. What is your favorite color and why?

2. What’s your zodiac sign and do you think it describes you?

3. What is your favorite thing to cook or bake?

4. If you could do one thing to change the world for the better, what would you choose?

5. What is your favorite movie of all time?

6. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

7. What is a scent that brings happy memories to you? And what memory does it bring you? (ie-Amber romance from Vicky Secrets reminds me of my freshman year in college because that was pretty much the only scent I wore. It makes me smile every time I smell it)

8. If you could study anything in college and get a job you would guarantee love in your field, what would you study?

9. Paper or plastic and why? (cash or card lol)

10. What is your one guiltiest pleasure?

11. If you could pick any vacation, all expenses paid for a week, where would you go and what would you do?

So there you go! That was fun. Can’t wait to read the answers to the people I tagged

Healthy Eating Triumph

Hey guys, I had to share a healthy eating triumph I had this weekend.

As you know I’ve been working on eating healthier. I have cut out all red meat from my diet and have been working on my sweet tooth addiction as well as eating more veggies. So last night my mom took me to Golden Corral, home of the delicious Beef Pot Roast and delicious chocolate fountain… those are my absolute favorite parts of this restaurant. Their pot roast is just sooo good and what chocolate lover doesn’t love a good chocolate fountain. But instead of letting my inner fat kid out and indulging until I popped, I opted for pan seared talipa, catfish, corn, rice, and pineapples.  I still probably ate to much, and they’re green veggies were either running on empty, or I couldn’t get to them because of the dozens of peoples surrounding the buffet. Still working on eating salads, I’m not a fan of lettuce and I’m still toying with the idea of spinach lol. But compared to what I normally eat, I’ve been doing pretty well, and I’m certainly proud.

I’m also still so in love with my ACV and honey drink. I certainly look forward to it everyday. Now if only I could get a hold of this sweet tooth issue lol. What kind of things do you eat when you have a craving for chocolate and other sweets, but don’t have any fruit handy?? Give me some yummy ideas.

ACV and Honey Drink Mix

In an attempt to improve my diet and health, I have been researching the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for things other than just my hair. Here’s a good link that goes a little in depth about the topic. Anyways, I wanted to begin incorporating a few tablespoons a day into my diet but knew I wouldn’t want to drink it straight. At first I was adding 2tbs to my green smoothies in the morning, but there were two things wrong with that. One I wasn’t drinking smoothies every day, and 2 I wasn’t using organic ACV so I didn’t feel as if I would be reaping all the benefits. So yesterday I went out and bought Bragg’s ACV and this morning mixed 2tbs in a cup of hot water, with a squirt of lemon juice and half a tbs of honey. Usually I have a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the morning, but man oh man, I think I may have found a replacement! The taste took a little getting use to at first, but it’s actually surprisingly pleasant. I thought I was starving before I drank it, but now I’m actually not all that hungry. Anyways, if you haven’t tried ACV I would highly suggest it, since not only is it good for you but it actually tastes pretty well.


Being sick and working out

Man let me tell you, being sick and trying to work out is rough. I’m currently taking a mini break. To be honest with myself, I havent done much, just about 25 mins on my Kinect (turned on my Wii to find my balance board and sensor have been rid of their batteries smh). But geez I feel exhausted and hungry smh. Feel like I’m slacking big time. I want to go walk my dog but the weather outside is windy and drizzly, not ideal for my situation right now, I’m trying to get better, not worse :/ I’m also supposed to be either going walking with my mom this evening if the weather clears up, or going to Zumba if it doesn’t, but I’m not sure if that will be pushing me past my limits or not. I really wanna get back in shape, but I don’t want to make myself feel worse since I’ve been fighting different illnesses lately. And on top of that I am CRAVING a crispy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. But it’s so not good for you, but it’s just soooo yummy. I was hoping that there was something in the house that would suffice, but I know I’m really dying for the fried crispiness goodness of it. Maybe I should do an oven fried chicken breast with bread crumbs instead… not exactly what I want, but an option none the less. Oh well, my break is over, going to play another game and maybe think of something healthier to eat lol

SN-i just saw a picture of a tuna sandwich and I just decided what I’m going to have for lunch. A tuna sandwich on wheat bread and some grapes… yummmm. Little things will make a difference 🙂


Wendy's chicken sandwich

Wendy's chicken sandwich

(I’m a visual person, so I intentionally tried to find pictures that made the tuna sandwich look so much yummier lol)