New DIY Nail Polish Rack!


I finally got all of my polishes organized and displayed on this super easy DIY nail polish rack I made last weekend! What do you think?? I can’t believe it’s 4ft tall and already almost full!!


Recent Jewelry Making

Here’s some of the most recent jewelry pieces I’ve created!!! Going to hobby lobby to get some more beads for my next creations. I have to remake the earrings because they weren’t originally a set. But anyways, Please tell me what you think!!!



Jewelry Making-Earrings!!

So in addition to crocheting, I’ve been dabbling in making jewelry. Here are my first pair of earrings I made for my mom. These were super simple. I hope to get into more intricate designs once I get the hang of it.



What do you think about these babies??? lol Do you dabble in jewelry making??? Any cool places to buy beads??

Crocheted Works for the Day

Here’s what I finished up the past 2 days. I am loving crocheting… can you tell??? lol


So I made a purple kingston cap, a red scarf, a turquoise hair tie, and then 2 rope scarves that I mentioned/showed in a previous post. So what do you think??


More Crochet!!!


So I’m working on another crocheted rope scarf!!! I absolutely love these!! Today’s colors are lavender, lime green, and black. The color combo makes me happy lol. I also finished a solid red scarf but I’m waiting on my camera to charge so I can take some decent pictures.

I’ll be back when I’m finished.

Share with me- what other colors would you like to see?? I’m feeling springy and am on the lookout for really soft, light, and bright yarn colors lol

Teaching Myself to Crochet

So lately I have begun teaching myself to crochet!! So far I love it! My plan is to sell crochet pieces when I open my Etsy shop along with my loc jewelry so I’m trying to practice to make perfect lol. I learned to crochet when I was younger but it’s been so long that I had to reteach myself. So far I’ve made a tam, a rope scarf, and a crocheted hair tie. (all in less than a week) I’m working on another scarf as we speak and should be finished tomorrow. Here’s a pic of my rope scarf I absolutely love it!!


So share with me… Do you know how to crochet or knit?? If so, what are some things you have made??