New Years Sale!!!


It’s the last day of 2013!! To celebrate the new yet, I’m offering 25% off ANY weight loss package purchased this week!!! Email me now to get your personalized workout plans and meal plans!! Let me help you get rid of that holiday fluff and get bikini body ready for the summer!!!



1 year old locs


My locs have seemed so frizzy lately! And I’m trying to decide if I want to dye them jet black or keep the little color I have


Help My Facebook Page get to 100 Likes for a GIVEAWAY!!!

Hey guys! I just started my Facebook page for my Etsy shop and am planning on doing an awesome giveaway when I hit 100 likes!!! Please help me out! I will host the giveaway across all of my social networks, that way no one is excluded from entering!!


Natural Belle Designs New Items + COUPON CODE!!!

Happy Early Valentine’s Day everyone!! In honor of the month of LOVE I have a coupon code to share for 20% off your order in my Etsy Shop.


Also, my first 15 customers will get a FREE GIFT with their purchase!!!!

Take a look at the video of some of my items and let me know what you think!! Feel free to share the video and coupon code with friends!!!


My 1 Year Lociversary!!

Just a slideshow of pics showing my hair before I started locing and through my 1st year! It has been a journey! Enjoy!


I’m Back!!! Here’s what’s coming!!

Hey guys!!

So sorry I’ve been gone for soooooo long!!!!! Hope all is well with all my followers, and I should be back up and running this week!!!!!


What’s to come:

-DIY (jewelry making, duct tape crafts, and other random stuff I make :] )
-Loc Stuff

Let’s stay connected:

Instagram: MichelleSsssss
Twitter: @Mstokes2008

An Etsy Name

Hey guys, so I’m in the process of getting my Etsy Shop up and running… only problem is, I need a good shop name…

Any suggestions??

My shop will have crocheted works, loc jewelry, handmade jewelry, and hair accessories. I wanted the name to be in relation to my blog name, Naturally Beautiful Belle, because it means something to me and it makes life easier having the two connected etc etc. Only issue is “NaturallyBeautifulBelle” is to long for an Etsy username/shop name by like 3 letters -_-

There is a spot for a username/shop name and then another for Shop Title. Maybe I should do like “Naturally Beautiful Belle” as the Shop title since it fits lol and then a shortened version for the username since that’ll also be the url and I don’t want it to be to complicated. I’ve come up with a few things:


Only issue is that their are blogs with the titles of Naturally Belle,  Natural Belle, Belle Natural, etc. I’m not quite sure if I should be concerned with that or not, but I am. And as I stand, besides all of the business-y stuff I was speaking of, the name is the only thing keeping me from posting items for sale. I’ve shopped on Etsy before and my username was set up as mstokes2008, and I can only change it once, so I need to make sure I’m satisfied with what I choose.

Any advice, suggestions, would be super appreciated!!

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