New Years Sale!!!


It’s the last day of 2013!! To celebrate the new yet, I’m offering 25% off ANY weight loss package purchased this week!!! Email me now to get your personalized workout plans and meal plans!! Let me help you get rid of that holiday fluff and get bikini body ready for the summer!!!



Eating Healthy While Traveling

The holiday season is almost over and one thing that was extremely important to me while I was traveling to visit family across the country was to continue eating heathy. Especially in the airport because anyone who has traveled knows airport food prices are outrageous!!!!

As an early Christmas gift my boyfriend bought me a 6 pack bag!!


This thing is AMAZING!!! it is the 300 edition so there is room for 3 meal trays that stay either hot or cold, 2 side pockets that will both hold 2shaker/blender bottles or containers for other food items! I put 2 bottles in one side and containers for fruit in the other! There’s also room in the top pouch for tons is other things! And as long as there is no liquid over 3oz when I go through security I can pretty much pre prep any food I want and bring it with me!!!!

Although a bag like this isn’t an option for everyone, the key is to just plan ahead. Even Ziploc bags with pre portioned heathy snacks are perfect traveling options!!

I did indulge some over the Christmas holiday and I do not feel bad about it. But I did prep healthy foods for my trip there, my stay and my trip pack so I could stay on track even while I had my occasional treat meals! Balance is everything!!!

Weight loss Journey!!!

The past couple of months I’ve been struggling with my fitness and weight loss journey but I’m finally getting it together!!! I’m more than excited and now that I’m starting to see results I’m becoming addicted! Please follow my fitness journey on Instagram @michellesssssfit

Take a look at my 2wk progress on Herbalife!!


Can’t wait to see what the new year holds for me!!!

I’ve been inspired… to start back running!!

Early last year, I called myself a runner. I was getting ready to leave for Air Force BMT and I ran just about every single day. It wasn’t much maybe anywhere from 1-3 miles a day, but I was doing it, and I loved it. It was something that after 2 or 3 months was ingrained in me, and on the days where I didn’t run, I just didn’t feel “right”. I miss that feeling. Whenever I was stressed out, frustrated, sad, happy, bored, whatever I could run. Release that emotion whether it be good or bad, and be taken away, even if it was just for 20 minutes at a time. I would run before work or after work, but I always preferred my early morning runs. I would go by myself or take Latte with me. He’s a great running companion to be such a little dog, he wasn’t even a year old back then.

Getting this job has me pumped and motivated. For awhile I think I had lost some confidence in myself, but now I feel like I can do anything. Crazy how things change. But I want to run again. Even if it is just a walk/run. I want to get back to the point where I can run non stop and feel like I’m escaping the world. I’ve been reading a very inspiring blog over at TriKatyKid about her run streak. She’s been running every single day, rain or shine, for what will be a year on her birthday in October. That’s so amazing to me. Even on day’s when she doesn’t feel like it, or its raining, or whatever she gets up and runs. I want to be like that. A run streak is extremely intimidating for me. But I no longer feel like it’s impossible. Even if I am only running 5 minutes out of an hour walk, I want to run something EVERY day. I am trying to build up the strength in my knee and my ankle so I know I must start slow, but I feel like if I just put my mind to it, I can do it.

I also strongly believe in the concept of writing things down and making them happen. So I will start small…

I want to  will run every single day in the month of April.

Hold me to it guys, and Katy, please don’t stop running or writing, even though we don’t physically “know” each other, seeing your blog everyday has really pushed me to want to run, to get back and go beyond where I use to be.

I’m also getting my mom back into running as well. She use to run track in HS and college and held state records (who would’ve thought? lol) So together we will start running again, and I will be blogging about it as well. One of my mom’s goals is to do a 5k every month. Even if we are not running the whole thing. Last month we power walked the majority of the race but started and finished running. It felt great and I think it was a great start for us.

So, I’m starting today. No more “I’ll do it tomorrow” In about an hour and a half, my mom and I are meeting up to take the dogs for a run/walk. So I will talk to y’all soon. Hopefully by this time next month I will be blogging about my 30 days of running I just finished 🙂

Healthy Eating Triumph

Hey guys, I had to share a healthy eating triumph I had this weekend.

As you know I’ve been working on eating healthier. I have cut out all red meat from my diet and have been working on my sweet tooth addiction as well as eating more veggies. So last night my mom took me to Golden Corral, home of the delicious Beef Pot Roast and delicious chocolate fountain… those are my absolute favorite parts of this restaurant. Their pot roast is just sooo good and what chocolate lover doesn’t love a good chocolate fountain. But instead of letting my inner fat kid out and indulging until I popped, I opted for pan seared talipa, catfish, corn, rice, and pineapples.  I still probably ate to much, and they’re green veggies were either running on empty, or I couldn’t get to them because of the dozens of peoples surrounding the buffet. Still working on eating salads, I’m not a fan of lettuce and I’m still toying with the idea of spinach lol. But compared to what I normally eat, I’ve been doing pretty well, and I’m certainly proud.

I’m also still so in love with my ACV and honey drink. I certainly look forward to it everyday. Now if only I could get a hold of this sweet tooth issue lol. What kind of things do you eat when you have a craving for chocolate and other sweets, but don’t have any fruit handy?? Give me some yummy ideas.

ACV and Honey Drink Mix

In an attempt to improve my diet and health, I have been researching the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for things other than just my hair. Here’s a good link that goes a little in depth about the topic. Anyways, I wanted to begin incorporating a few tablespoons a day into my diet but knew I wouldn’t want to drink it straight. At first I was adding 2tbs to my green smoothies in the morning, but there were two things wrong with that. One I wasn’t drinking smoothies every day, and 2 I wasn’t using organic ACV so I didn’t feel as if I would be reaping all the benefits. So yesterday I went out and bought Bragg’s ACV and this morning mixed 2tbs in a cup of hot water, with a squirt of lemon juice and half a tbs of honey. Usually I have a cup of tea or hot chocolate in the morning, but man oh man, I think I may have found a replacement! The taste took a little getting use to at first, but it’s actually surprisingly pleasant. I thought I was starving before I drank it, but now I’m actually not all that hungry. Anyways, if you haven’t tried ACV I would highly suggest it, since not only is it good for you but it actually tastes pretty well.


Yesterday’s Workout!!

Man yesterday I hit the gym with my mom to go to a Zumba class for the first time in almost a year! And while the moves were familiar and I got back into the swing of things quite easily, I am certainly feeling it this morning!! I woke up and my whole body was sore!! Goodness gracious! I had a lot of fun though and it’s all worth it! On a happy note, I’ve lost .5 an inch around my waist since my starting measurements a week or so ago. I actually measured after I ate and stuff this morning, but I’m not sure if it would have made that big of a difference. But it makes turning down that yummy piece of cake Honey had last night and eating a handful of grapes instead sooooo worth it!!!!

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