Late Night Loc Thoughts

Is it weird to be laying in bed, late at night, thinking about my locs? Seems slightly off. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired lol. Through everything that has been going on this month, I’ve missed my 12week update. But on a brighter note the 22nd is my official 3 months and also 13 weeks… Strange how that happens. Anywho…

A question has been on my mind every time I attempt to do something with my hair… What makes locs “hang”? I remember this always being asked in relation to natural hair. Curries would wonder when their hair would “hang” and I remember those stages. But at 2years post BC (or just under 2years for me at the time) my hair had hang time and I loved it. But not with my developing locs, I no longer have it. My hair just kinda goes every which way, and with me always seeming to have unruly new growth, it never just lays flat at the root (obviously, I mean it’s like a baby fro on some of them lol). And I definitely know that I am in that “fuzzy” stage and all though I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. Most days my hair just goes up in a bun. But as the days go by, and my locs continue to shrink, I’m having a harder time getting them all into a ponytail because all of a sudden some are crazy short. I know this is all part of the process and them doing their own thing. But geez. I guess this is where patience is taught.

I also hate that I can’t run my fingers through my hair like I use to. There’s so much loose hair that my fingers always get caught. It’s painful. It sucks. Makes me half way sorta kinda miss my straight hair days, but then I snap back to reality.

Does/did anyone else have this issue with their locs?

The only thing that is an improvement in that department is that I have decided to interlock my locs instead of retwisting. I haven’t gotten all the way through my head yet but the ones I have done give me way less issues. It’s a slow process and combined with my mildly short attention span and lack of time, I haven’t gotten through interlocking very many of them in the past few weeks lol.

Oh well it’s all a part of the process right? I’m just ready for them to look like locs. But patience is a virtue right?


Almost 10wks & My Locs Worst Enemy

Sorry my baby locs are almost 10 weeks old and they already have a worst enemy. Surprisingly enough it’s not lint. (although pet hair is a close second right now lol) It’s actually my beloved charm bracelet.


This thing is deadly when it comes to washing, styling, and just every day life with my locs. I have a lot of loose hair that is very slowly starting to get with the program and mesh together but I promise my bracelet and all of those pretty little charms seem to find every loose hair it can and snag and yank it as hard and as often as possible. I guess until my locs start maturing more I won’t be wearing it as often as I usually do 😦 Oh well. It’ll all be worth it when I’m shaking my bracelet and my head full of healthy, beautiful, locs. 🙂

So even if it isn’t loc or hair related, what’s currently your worst enemy??

2nd Loc Retwist at 7 wks

Hey guys here is the before and after video of my retwist from last week. Enjoy!!!

Retwist time!!!

So last night/this morning was retwisting time!!!! Fun… sike!! Since it was only my 2nd time retwisting I am still kind of slow. I divided my hair into 4 sections and it took me about 30-45 minutes for each section. So Idk if that is slow or not lol. Anywho, here are some pics from before my retwist…




And after…


And a before and after comparison…

As a whole, I think the retwist went rather awesomely lol. Sunday will be 8 weeks for me and my “locs”! Can’t wait. Hopefully this retwist will hold me for awhile, because I hated actually doing it, even though I must admit it, retwisting was much better than detangling, and all the other fun stuff that goes into being a loose natural lol



Hey everyone! As an attempt to downsize some of my stuff I never use, I am having a blog sale, featuring, makeup, hair products, cameras, loc jewelry etc. I am considering adding some nail polish as well, I just haven’t went through them all yet lol Anyways here you go!


Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Conditioner (old formula) 23.7oz 45% full – $2.00

Aussie Moist Shampoo 13.5 oz (2 bottles) 45% full each – $1.00 each

Aussie Moist Conditioner w/ pump 29.2 oz 50% full $2.50

Mizani Scalp Care Pre-Treatment 1 L 100% full $10

Lotta Body Setting Lotion 12oz 95% full – $2.00

Pureology Antifade Color Complex Power Dressing Styler 5.1 oz 100% full– $5

Herbal Essences Long Term Care Leave In 6oz 50% full – $2.00

Eco Styler Gel Clear 32oz 70% full – $2.00

Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Tight Hold 6oz 100% -$5.00

Sulfur Powder 4oz 85% full- $1.50


Loreal HIP Duo’s- used 2x

Rimmel- never used

Revlons-only swatched

VS quad- only swatched

LA Colors-never used

Mono palette-used 2x

Drugstore iphone palette-never used

Maybelline- used 2x

Loreal quad-swatched

VS Primer-never used

Single, Duo, and LA Colors eyeshadows – $0.75

Mini palettes – $1.25

VS eyeshadow primer – $1.00


Within the next 6wks or so, I will be opening up an Etsy Shop selling my handmade loc jewelry, so for all you loc heads/braid or twist wearers out there, I will also be selling a few select pieces that are finished and ready to go at a lower price and would love some feedback!!





-Shipping is $3 and then $0.50 for each additional item.

-$4 sale minimum

-Items are first come first serve

-Paypal Only

-To order or for questions, concerns, etc, leave a comment and/or Email me at with “Blog Sale” as the subject.
Let me know what items you want and your shipping address. When I get the email, the sale will be pending and if payment hasn’t been received within 24 hrs, I will put the items back up for sale.

-I will ship items out within 1-2 business days of receiving payment.

Loc update & budding!!!!

So I’m 6.5 wks into my locing journey!! Yay!! I’m in serious need of a retwist, its been 4wks, but I am trying to hold out…


My new growth is coming in like crazy in my crown area. Even my few latched babies need to be redone.

Anywho while I was undoing the braids I rinsed my hair in, I found this baby in the back…


It feels sooo much different than the rest of them! I’m so excited!! My first budding baby!!! Yay!!!

Also check out my color! I never realize it’s there until I see pictures because it seems so dark to me.

Anyways, just thought I’d share one of my first milestones of many!!! I can’t wait until the rest of my babys start to bud!!!

Random Tuesday Night Loc Thoughts

So today my mom told me my head looked crazy and that my baby locs were sticking up all over the place lol I laughed. It made me happy that they were doing something other than what my normal twists would do. I had plans on retwisting my hair this week for Honey’s bday buuuuuttttt since I’m still kind of under the weather, and I honestly just don’t feel like it, I’m going to see how long I can hold out lol. But I must say, it’s getting rough lol. I need to pop my roots something serious because they’re all acting like they wanna get married lol. The puffiness of the roots are making my hair look extra short and they’re not laying down right. Either way, I’m loving them and I can’t wait to move further on with this journey 


(Excuse the sickly look lol)

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