Cooking with Me :) Blueberry Muffins!!

I’ve always had a HORRIBLE sweet tooth and lately with my mission to get healthy and a little more fit, I’ve been attempting to eat better, but this darn sweet tooth, I tell ya lol. Anyways I decided to make some blueberry muffins. Maybe not the healthiest thing I could’ve made but I am kind of tired of green smooties after a week of drinking them smh sad I know. I promise I will have one tomorrow.

Here’s the recipe I used: To Die for Blueberry Muffins and they were amazing. I did make a few subsitutions and modified to make 6 regualr sized muffins though…

Instead of an egg, I used 3/4 of a banana and a little bit of water

Instead of white sugar I used Splenda Brown Sugar

Instead of milk I used Rice Dream Rice Drink in Original. (love that stuff, I never drink real milk anymore lol)

I think they came out really great! I must say I am proud of myself! I’ve always loved cooking and baking 🙂