Late Night Loc Thoughts

Is it weird to be laying in bed, late at night, thinking about my locs? Seems slightly off. Maybe it’s because I’m so tired lol. Through everything that has been going on this month, I’ve missed my 12week update. But on a brighter note the 22nd is my official 3 months and also 13 weeks… Strange how that happens. Anywho…

A question has been on my mind every time I attempt to do something with my hair… What makes locs “hang”? I remember this always being asked in relation to natural hair. Curries would wonder when their hair would “hang” and I remember those stages. But at 2years post BC (or just under 2years for me at the time) my hair had hang time and I loved it. But not with my developing locs, I no longer have it. My hair just kinda goes every which way, and with me always seeming to have unruly new growth, it never just lays flat at the root (obviously, I mean it’s like a baby fro on some of them lol). And I definitely know that I am in that “fuzzy” stage and all though I don’t hate it, I don’t love it either. Most days my hair just goes up in a bun. But as the days go by, and my locs continue to shrink, I’m having a harder time getting them all into a ponytail because all of a sudden some are crazy short. I know this is all part of the process and them doing their own thing. But geez. I guess this is where patience is taught.

I also hate that I can’t run my fingers through my hair like I use to. There’s so much loose hair that my fingers always get caught. It’s painful. It sucks. Makes me half way sorta kinda miss my straight hair days, but then I snap back to reality.

Does/did anyone else have this issue with their locs?

The only thing that is an improvement in that department is that I have decided to interlock my locs instead of retwisting. I haven’t gotten all the way through my head yet but the ones I have done give me way less issues. It’s a slow process and combined with my mildly short attention span and lack of time, I haven’t gotten through interlocking very many of them in the past few weeks lol.

Oh well it’s all a part of the process right? I’m just ready for them to look like locs. But patience is a virtue right?


A Few More Things For Sale (Fashion)

Here are the last few items for now lol

Coach change purse $15




Small Dooney & Bourke cell phone case $10




I also have 2 pair of practically brand new pair of Uggs I’m trying to part with as well. They’re both size 9.






Once again, email me at if you’re interested or have any questions. Also don’t forget to check out the rest of the stuff I’m selling on the Blog Sale page!! 🙂

More Stuff for Sale (Polishes)

Hey guys, I have some more stuff up or sale. ( told y’all I was majorly getting rid of stuff lol)

The Revlon and Sally Hansen are $2.50 each.





The NARS Night Rider is $7.50



And the Zoya “Gemma” is $3.50



Email me ( if any of them catch your eye

The Horror of my Hands

Warning: The image you’re about to see is not suitable for nail lovers, polish fanatics, or small children. You’ve been warned…


Isn’t it horrible?!?!? Ugh this is how my nails and hands have been looking for the past few weeks. Thank goodness I don’t work with customers lol. This polish has been on since my interview for my job the last week of March!! The horror! The thumb was from my recent polish testing at Sally’s last week. Smh. To be a polish/nail fanatic, I’m ashamed my hands look like this. My toes look so much better and no one even sees those! Lol but to my defense I am completely out of cotton balls and polish remove. Not a good excuse. I know. But it’s the truth. *sigh* they will be better within the next few days I promise. And to think this is my “good” hand smh.

Gone to Long

Hey guys, I know I’ve been gone way to long. It kind of feels like I hare deserted my blog. But I promise that’s not the case lol.

This isn’t going to be a very long post, just a quick update because I am on my phone. So the beginning of the month I started a new full time temp job and I’ve been trying to balance that with Honey slowly moving in, so he’s been here more than usual, also have been exercising in the evenings after work, I’ve been working on my diet as well (fast food and junk food now makes me sick to my stomach, that’s gotta be a small triumph in someone’s book lol) and on top of that, throw in hanging out on the weekends, squeezing in some crocheting, and trying to get out of debt, (that’s a whole post of its own) mixed with getting ready for school, I’ve been kind of burnt out lol. Not to mention I am switching to AT&T so I cut off my service with Time Warner to save a little money until then. So I didn’t even have Internet if I wanted to do some interesting posts lol.

Anywho, my Internet will be back up and running on Saturday so I should hopefully be back then because I have nothing but relaxation on my agenda for the weekend. I hope you all are having a lovely week and I will be back soon!!

SN- be on the look out for a possible giveaway towards the end of the month!! I’m just saying lol

For Sale: Coastal Scents Original 88 Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, I’m still slowly but surely clearing out my make up and stuff. This morning I stumbled upon a Coastal Scents eyeshadow palette I’ve never used even though I’ve had it about a year now lol. I’m selling it for $15+ shipping if anyone is interested. Email me at mybelle_2008 @ if you are.



I’ve been inspired… to start back running!!

Early last year, I called myself a runner. I was getting ready to leave for Air Force BMT and I ran just about every single day. It wasn’t much maybe anywhere from 1-3 miles a day, but I was doing it, and I loved it. It was something that after 2 or 3 months was ingrained in me, and on the days where I didn’t run, I just didn’t feel “right”. I miss that feeling. Whenever I was stressed out, frustrated, sad, happy, bored, whatever I could run. Release that emotion whether it be good or bad, and be taken away, even if it was just for 20 minutes at a time. I would run before work or after work, but I always preferred my early morning runs. I would go by myself or take Latte with me. He’s a great running companion to be such a little dog, he wasn’t even a year old back then.

Getting this job has me pumped and motivated. For awhile I think I had lost some confidence in myself, but now I feel like I can do anything. Crazy how things change. But I want to run again. Even if it is just a walk/run. I want to get back to the point where I can run non stop and feel like I’m escaping the world. I’ve been reading a very inspiring blog over at TriKatyKid about her run streak. She’s been running every single day, rain or shine, for what will be a year on her birthday in October. That’s so amazing to me. Even on day’s when she doesn’t feel like it, or its raining, or whatever she gets up and runs. I want to be like that. A run streak is extremely intimidating for me. But I no longer feel like it’s impossible. Even if I am only running 5 minutes out of an hour walk, I want to run something EVERY day. I am trying to build up the strength in my knee and my ankle so I know I must start slow, but I feel like if I just put my mind to it, I can do it.

I also strongly believe in the concept of writing things down and making them happen. So I will start small…

I want to  will run every single day in the month of April.

Hold me to it guys, and Katy, please don’t stop running or writing, even though we don’t physically “know” each other, seeing your blog everyday has really pushed me to want to run, to get back and go beyond where I use to be.

I’m also getting my mom back into running as well. She use to run track in HS and college and held state records (who would’ve thought? lol) So together we will start running again, and I will be blogging about it as well. One of my mom’s goals is to do a 5k every month. Even if we are not running the whole thing. Last month we power walked the majority of the race but started and finished running. It felt great and I think it was a great start for us.

So, I’m starting today. No more “I’ll do it tomorrow” In about an hour and a half, my mom and I are meeting up to take the dogs for a run/walk. So I will talk to y’all soon. Hopefully by this time next month I will be blogging about my 30 days of running I just finished 🙂

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