Almost 10wks & My Locs Worst Enemy

Sorry my baby locs are almost 10 weeks old and they already have a worst enemy. Surprisingly enough it’s not lint. (although pet hair is a close second right now lol) It’s actually my beloved charm bracelet.


This thing is deadly when it comes to washing, styling, and just every day life with my locs. I have a lot of loose hair that is very slowly starting to get with the program and mesh together but I promise my bracelet and all of those pretty little charms seem to find every loose hair it can and snag and yank it as hard and as often as possible. I guess until my locs start maturing more I won’t be wearing it as often as I usually do 😦 Oh well. It’ll all be worth it when I’m shaking my bracelet and my head full of healthy, beautiful, locs. 🙂

So even if it isn’t loc or hair related, what’s currently your worst enemy??


I Got a Job!!!!

I’m so happy I finally got a job!!! The past two months I’ve been out of work have been rough. I had just moved into a new apartment with a higher rent and I went from being able to pay my rent in one paycheck with money left over to not even being able to buy food for myself. But I thank God I’ve found something. Even though it’s a temp position and I’m taking a pay cut, for the time being its much better than nothing. I’m still waiting for my permanent position that is in the works for later on this year but for now I’m just happy I don’t have to worry how my bills will be paid. So to everyone out there struggling, it will get better, just keep your head up and keep on keeping on. 🙂

An Etsy Name

Hey guys, so I’m in the process of getting my Etsy Shop up and running… only problem is, I need a good shop name…

Any suggestions??

My shop will have crocheted works, loc jewelry, handmade jewelry, and hair accessories. I wanted the name to be in relation to my blog name, Naturally Beautiful Belle, because it means something to me and it makes life easier having the two connected etc etc. Only issue is “NaturallyBeautifulBelle” is to long for an Etsy username/shop name by like 3 letters -_-

There is a spot for a username/shop name and then another for Shop Title. Maybe I should do like “Naturally Beautiful Belle” as the Shop title since it fits lol and then a shortened version for the username since that’ll also be the url and I don’t want it to be to complicated. I’ve come up with a few things:


Only issue is that their are blogs with the titles of Naturally Belle,  Natural Belle, Belle Natural, etc. I’m not quite sure if I should be concerned with that or not, but I am. And as I stand, besides all of the business-y stuff I was speaking of, the name is the only thing keeping me from posting items for sale. I’ve shopped on Etsy before and my username was set up as mstokes2008, and I can only change it once, so I need to make sure I’m satisfied with what I choose.

Any advice, suggestions, would be super appreciated!!

Healthy Eating Triumph

Hey guys, I had to share a healthy eating triumph I had this weekend.

As you know I’ve been working on eating healthier. I have cut out all red meat from my diet and have been working on my sweet tooth addiction as well as eating more veggies. So last night my mom took me to Golden Corral, home of the delicious Beef Pot Roast and delicious chocolate fountain… those are my absolute favorite parts of this restaurant. Their pot roast is just sooo good and what chocolate lover doesn’t love a good chocolate fountain. But instead of letting my inner fat kid out and indulging until I popped, I opted for pan seared talipa, catfish, corn, rice, and pineapples.  I still probably ate to much, and they’re green veggies were either running on empty, or I couldn’t get to them because of the dozens of peoples surrounding the buffet. Still working on eating salads, I’m not a fan of lettuce and I’m still toying with the idea of spinach lol. But compared to what I normally eat, I’ve been doing pretty well, and I’m certainly proud.

I’m also still so in love with my ACV and honey drink. I certainly look forward to it everyday. Now if only I could get a hold of this sweet tooth issue lol. What kind of things do you eat when you have a craving for chocolate and other sweets, but don’t have any fruit handy?? Give me some yummy ideas.

31 Day Polish Challenge – Day 12 Stripes

So I know I am very, very, behind on this 31 Day Polish Challenge, please forgive me lol. But here is my Day 12 mani- I did freehand stripes!!! So here you go!!! (My apologize that pics are all pre cleanup)



Hope you enjoy my striped mani!!

Jewelry Making-Earrings!!

So in addition to crocheting, I’ve been dabbling in making jewelry. Here are my first pair of earrings I made for my mom. These were super simple. I hope to get into more intricate designs once I get the hang of it.



What do you think about these babies??? lol Do you dabble in jewelry making??? Any cool places to buy beads??

Crocheted Works for the Day

Here’s what I finished up the past 2 days. I am loving crocheting… can you tell??? lol


So I made a purple kingston cap, a red scarf, a turquoise hair tie, and then 2 rope scarves that I mentioned/showed in a previous post. So what do you think??


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