End of Jan Update Video!!!

Just a quick random hair update!


End of Jan Update

Oh man what a month this has been smh… this isn’t going to be a hair related post but more of a life post. More hair stuff coming soon! lol

Anywho, I’ve been sick and having all sorts of pain pretty much the whole month so I’ve missied ALOT of work. But on the plus side, I moved into a new apartment, got a new couch, got a raise, and income taxes are coming!!!! lol Thank goodness for those tax refunds because this whole missing work thing is putting  a hurting on my wallet.

I have however started getting really into saving, the one and only thing conflicting with that is my LOVE for nail polish smh. I’ve got to get control of it lol. But I have managed to pay off my Chase student credit card, open an ING account and set up automatic savings every payday, set up a plan to pay off the rest of my credit cards within the next year and a half, I’m saving all of my change and attempting to save my $5 bills when I get them as change, and participating in the savings challenge KNH talked about in her YT video about her 2012 Goals and Challenges. Basically what you do is every week for the year you put away the amount of money equal to the week. Sounds confusing huh? lol But it’s really not. For example, Jan 1st was the start of the 1st week of the year so I put $1 in my envelope. A week later, the 8th of Jan was the 2nd week of the year so I put in $2 and so on and so forth. As the year goes on I think I may end up struggling to save by the weeks AND save all of my $5 bills but we will see how things turn out.  And last but not least, in an attempt to cut out the things I don’t need in my life, I’m turning in my beloved DVR box… I was originally going to give up cable all together but I’m trying to start small lol. But either way that will cut my cable/internet bill in half so that’s a plus.

Oh yeah, I also started back in school earlier this month, so I’ve got alot going on lol. But it’ll all be worth it in the end. 🙂

Vlog #3- Random Update

Missing my Braidlocs…

So back towards the end of August I spent 3 days installing 166 beautiful baby braidlocs. I loved them ❤ but right around the end of week 4, I started itching really bad to see my hair straight one last time. So after days of going back and forth and pretty much getting the push to take them out from the people close to me I spent another 3 days taking them out It was an exhausting take down that I don’t ever want to really do that again lol.

I originally wanted locs because my SSKs were getting out of control, I was bored with my hair and pretty much just all around tired of messing with it. But now about 5 months later, I’m regretting that decision. I wore my hair straightened 3times since then for about a week or two at a time. I’ve uped my moisture game and my SSKs are back under control but I still feel just blah about my hair. I pretty much either keep it twisted or in a bun and that’s getting old all over again.

I’ve been sick the past two weeks and I’ve been spending my time loc searching all over again (forums, fotkis, youtube etc) and I’ve fallen back in love all over again. So now here I am contemplating installing my braidlocs all over again, but I’m worried that after awhile I’ll get the itch to do something different again and all that time will be wasted. I love how they looked in my hair and I love my twists but I absolutely loathe taking them down. I miss the ease and freeness that I felt with my baby locs.

I thought putting another set of twists in would keep me sane for now and from making any crazy decisions but it’s actually making it worse lol

Teaser Alert!!!!!!! NP Collection

Just a few quick pics as I’m finishing up swatching and organizing my polish collection!! Enjoy!!

Sickness and Happy MLK Day!!!!

Tired would be such an understatement right now. I’ve been out of work for lik 4days and I still am barely feeling like half of myself. I know by the end of the work day I’m probably not gonna have much of a voice if any at all. My check is gonna be so sad next week too. Missing hours all over the place. Good thing I’ve been saving up money or I wouldn’t know what to do. I know I can’t afford to take another whole day off today but I am going in later in the day to try and ease myself back into the normal swing of things to get my body back adjusted. Just hoping I don’t overdue it today because I’m still feelin so drained. I wish I had just one more day to sleep it off. I’m not sure what exactly I had but it seems like the flu. The only flu symptom I didn’t have was chills. I just stayed really hot the whole time. Wishing I had time to take a quick nap before I go in though.  But I know I won’t wanna get up. Ugh I sure hope this day flys by because I’m already ready to pass back out and sleep until  tomorrow.

But on the flip side… Happy MLK Day!!! Lol I hope anyone going out to the march is very safe today because I don’t know about your city but people get way to crazy out here at the Marxh. I’m talking fighting and shooting smh. What the heck is wrong with my generation?? Makes no sense but anywho I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

(ps sorry for any typos, onsugar really needs a mobile app)

Random Ramble Vlog #2- Locs & Polish!!!

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