Length check time!!!!

I am super excited about this length check I did last night!!! I’m starting some challenges on LHCF and I originally wanted to straighten my hair for my starting pics buuuuttttt I decided against it. Mostly because I just put these mini twists in and I’m trying to keep them in until sometime in December. So I unraveled a few, stretched em, snapped some pics and re-twisted. However I did undo 2 twists at my nape and straightened and I’m pretty ecstatic about the results. On a SN I was further away from BSL then I though, but that’s ok. Any who here’s some pics from last time…

This was when I straightened my hair end of Sept/beginning of Oct. So about 2months ago. The stripes on my shirt are 2ins thick. And my hair is in the middle of the 1st green one and clearly at the 7in mark in the back. Now for last night…

Now after a 1/4-1/2″ trim all over I’m grazing the 8in mark and touching the gray line!!!!! So not only did I gain over an inch in 2months but I also retained it!!! Talk about awesomeness!!!!  Now I wonder what it would all look like straight… hmmm maybe next yr sometime lol. Anyways here are some more length check pics…

Yep soooo that pretty much sums it up! I know I wouldn’t have retained as much growth if I was wearing my hair out these past 2months.  Can’t wait to see how much length I retain at the end of this challenge. But that’s all for now!!


6month Protective Style 2nd Month Update!!!

Another update and a Trim

So the past month or two I’ve been REALLY feeling like my ends need a trim. I trimmed in early Sept and even thought it was just under 3months ago, I just felt like my ends needed a dusting. So I just went for it… I mean I’m trying to get rid of my color anyways right??

This is all I cut…

It really wasn’t alot, but now that I look at it it kind of does :-/
Pre trim I was APL for sure, about 1.5-2in from BSL but now I’m back to grazing APL. I was ready to straighten my hair next month and swang it some, but honestly I feel discouarged. I know it’s kind of dumb, but I  have a serious case of hair-exia. Makes me not even want to straighten my hair… at all… atleast until I’m closer to BSL.

On the plus side, my ends do feel soooooo much better.  So I should be happy. But I’m strongly considering putting myself in a HYH type of challenge until I’m ready to see it again lol smh so childish. Tomorrow I’m going  wig shopping. I have my eye on Drew…

So hopefully I can find her tomorrow. If not I will be ordering her online. My hair is currently in some medium two strand twists that I heavy sealed and twisted with my Softee Indian Hemp Grease… (more on that later). And even though they are way bigger than my usual liking, Im trying to keep them in for awhile because they feel so good, but I’m anxious to see my resulting twist out.

But anyways that’s all for now…

Giveaways Giveaways Giveaways!!! Check out Love, Destinee!!!

Who doesn’t love a great giveaway?? Especially this time of year!!! Wellllll Miss Destinee of Love, Destinee is having a giveaway to celebrate her reaching 100 subbies!!!!!

Her blog is all things beauty, with a special look at natural hair and makeup!! So go check it out at the link above ^^^^  And don’t forget to enter to win her giveaway!

Name Tag!!!!

I was tagged by CrissyQ , so here you go…


So here’s a look at my bun for the day as well as what I wore to work today!



Cardigan- $15.99 (+25% off and then an additional 35% off) from BX

Tank top- $7.99 from Ross

Neckalace- $5.80 from Body Central

Jeans- $34.99 from American Eagle

Shoes- $89.99 from Coach

That’s all for today! On a SN- my polish today chipped and dented like crazy, no bueno. I will be taking this yellow off soon!

Nicki Minaj & OPI Collaboration

Check out the My Pink Friday page and the Pop Crush pagefor a look at the colors and more info about the Collection.

I will be getting ALL of these polishes to say the least. I can’t wait! The line is scheduled to be in stores January 2012.

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