PS Style #2!!! TWISTS!!!

So I ended up doing a blowout and then some mini twists!!! I love them!!! 

I applied grapeseed oil to my hair prior to blowdrying via the Tension Method. Then twisted with my shea butter/oil mixture. Then used Aloe Vera Gel to curl my ends back up and I must say I’m in love!!! They’re still unraveling some but they’re so soft and full of movement and my hair has grown so much! I wore them down today to work to swang em some lol but tomorrow will be back to my buns!! Here’s some pics 🙂






That’s all for now!!!


Preparing for wk 2 of PSin

So I bunned all week. (With the exception of going to the movies Friday night and shopping on Saturday) I was pretty proud of myself even though it wasn’t that huge of an accomplishment lol. I washed and re bunned on Tuesday and baggied my ends every night. No SSKs as far as I can see and my hair stayed moisturized all week. #winning lol

Now I’m sitting here baggying before I go wash this gel in my hair out from my WnG puff from Friday night trying to decide what to do with it for the coming week. I watched KinkyKurlyQueen’s Mini Twist Tutorial and fell in love. I know I could make those last for weeks lol but at the same time Idk if I have the time to do them because even though I don’t want them quite that small, I do want them small. My other option was to flatiron and bun, but I’m afraid I’ll be tempted to swang it for a few days lol.

But I’m bout to go wash my hair and when I figure out what I’m going to do with it, I’ll come back with pics 🙂

6 Month Protective Style Challenge

So I am officialy joining a 6 month Protective Style challenge hosted by DivaDeb25 aka KNH from It’s All About the Curls!! I’m kinda nervous but pretty excited all the same. The guidelines are

-Must check-in monthly (or as often as you like)
-2 heat passes per month
-2 free hair days a week
-Do a beginning length check or take pictures of you hair at the beginning of this challenge

I’m hoping to be atleast grazing BSL by the end of the challenge. I’m currently about 1″ from APL so BSL is only about 3in from that. Seems pretty attainable if you ask me. I also hope to establish a solid regimen and cut down on these SSK! My protective styles of choice will be wet bunning for the most part and when that get’s boring I’ll be doing mini braids. I also plan to take advantage of the heat passes to do buns on straight hair maybe about 2 or 3 times during the challenge. I’m using my length check from Sept and I’ll also be using the size of my ponytail and bun as a good starting point. Sooo here’s some pics…

Straightish hair back in Sept 


My current bun:


Pretty basic. But ehh buns are super simple, my ends are protective and I don’t have to worry about my hair, so I’m happy 🙂


On to Day 4- Terressentials Detox

So I’m getting ready to wash my hair and I am not feeling the least bit inspired, motivated, or positve to continue this process.  I’m so frustrated because even though my curls are popping beautifully, it’s making my hair seem so much more dense and thick. I know most people would be excited but my hair in its weakest stage was already extremely thick, so with it already being really healthy before I started the detox, after 3days the thickness is almost unbearable. Like I can’t even really get it into a decent wet bun anymore 😦 I wanted to do the detox and eliminate most if not all of my non natural products and I know it’s suggested to not use any additional products while doing the detox but geez this is ridiculous. Idk what to do and I have places to go and I’m not feeling wearing my hair out everyday and it doesn’t make sense to twist it all up just to untwist it the next day and rewash.


All I want is my big sexy lush bun back, less tangles and all that jazz, but honestly I’m ready to whip my flat iron back out and be done with this bogus ish. Alteast then I can get my bun with no issues… Ugh off to the shower, wish me luck… :-/

Story of an Apple Geek

So today is the release of the iOS 5 for my beloved iPhone4!!! Awesome… so like a lot of other tech nerds around the world, at midnight I was in front of my lovely MacBook, iPhone plugged in, checking for updates, and what does it tell me… That my current OS is update!! Pssh WTH 😐  So I end up going to sleep about an hour later for various reasons. Only to wake up at 745 for no reason. But like I true techy I rush to the computer to attempt my update again, and what do I get??  


This bogus ish telling me it’s still up to date. So after some quick research I read that Apple “probably” won’t be releasing the update until 10am PDT… which is noon here! Psssh bogus. But ehh what can you do??


So now I’m sitting here enjoying Dora the Explorer (yes I’m still a kid at heart) and eating cereal with a cup of tea 🙂 


It’s currently an amazing 68 degrees here in San Antonio and I am loving this weather so I may take my handsome puppy to the dog park 🙂


Until next time ❤


Terressentials Mud Wash Detox- Day 2

Umm… yeah… my hair feels gross. But luckily I was expecting that eventually. It feels waxy and just blah. I didn’t put anything on it and just twisted it up when I got out the shower. My hair has been sucking up water like its the desert. As soon as I spray it and think it’s drenched, by the time I put my spray bottle down and get ready to twist it, most of the water is soaked up. I’ve never experienced that before so I don’t know how to really feel. Guess between that and the gross feeling, all the synthetics are finally being washed away and my hair is thirstier than I thought. On the plus side my curl are looking amazing. I’ve never seen them like this before, so hoping things will be better tomorrow.

An Amazing Twist out

So I’m getting ready for my detox day 2 wash and thought I’d share some pics of the awesome twist out I had today. My twistouts are almost always a complete fail, but this was just made me fall in love! Take a look!!


I must say I was pleasntly suprised. On a SN- I’m also thinking of joining a protective styling challenge for the next 6 months via It’s All About The Curls. But I haven’t quite decided yet…



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