Look who’s back!!!

Man it’s been a LONG time hasn’t it??? So much has happened in the past few months it’s crazy. I’ve completely come full circle. So just a little update of everything that has went down…


March 8- I left for Air Force Basic Training!!! There were so many different emotions running through my head but I went through with leaving. Less than 2 weeks later I was sent to a medical hold squadron for 6 WEEKS because they thought there was something wrong with my heart or I had asthma. Both which were proven false thank God! But while I was there, I ended up twisting my ankle twice and eventually spraining it. SMH. Then on top of that I was put into Physical Therapy to try and strengthen it just to find out that my right foot is flat and causing the cartilage in my right knee to deteriorate  which was and still is causing me all sorts of pain being on my feet for extended periods of time. Sooooo with all that said, I was sent home on a medical discharge on the day I would’ve originally graduated! lol craziness but everything happens for a reason, I grew alot as an individual and learned ALOT about myself and met tons of really true friends. So yeah…. On to hair!!

Being at BMT for 2 months required me to keep my hair in a bun which was amazing for my hairs health. It grew alot!! I’ll do a length check soon and post pictures but I’m hoping by the end of the summer I’ll be APL or atleast skimming it. I haven’t been doing much with it since I’ve been home. Puffing it for the most part:

but I did blow it out a few days ago to get ready to put rope twists in it. Here’s a pic!!


I’ll try and upload a  pic of my twists later today but just for fun, here’s a pic of when I straightened my hair in Jan. 


Thats all for now!!

❤ M.Stokes