NO H8!! It will Get Better. 10-20-2010 SPIRIT DAY

Today is Spirit Day in the GLAAD community, and I have many friends that are gay or lesbian and the cruelty against homosexual people is absolutely ridiculous! I never thought it would affect me so much, but it does. No one deserves to be mistreated period. Especially not because of their sexual preferences. What if every gay person attacked straight people solely because we were attracted to the opposite sex? People would be losing their minds! It’s just not right. I don’t have time to go on and on about it, but it gets to me soooooooooooo bad. So today is Spirit Day and I wear Purple to support and remember those who took their own life’s because of the evil, stereotypical, insensitive, haters in the world. It will get better. NO H8.


October Length Check!!

I am soooo bad at doing length checks regularly, but on the plus side, when I finally do do them, I am pleasantly surprised by my growth 🙂
a comic strip!
a comic strip!


Soooo guess what I did today…
Enlisted into the Air Force!!!!!! Yay!!! Go AF!!! lol Iim super excited!!! I’m hoping to be leaving Jan 25, 2011 if everything goes the way it should. My mom is retired AF, my dad was Army/Army Reserve, Grandad-Marines, so I guess you could say Military is in my blood 🙂
My only concern???
What the heck am I going to do with my hair?? I’m thinking that for Basic I will either get kinky twists or micros but my hair isn’t long enough to pull back in a bun yet (that’s going to be awhile :-\) So yeah, I even thought about doing another BC just because it would be oh so simpler but I can’t decide…

Bentonite Clay Mask!!


Hehe Morning world, Kinda scary isn’t it?? lol



So I’ve had a jar of Bentonite clay sitting on my shelf since like July that I’ve been afraid to use for months now and yesterday I finally broke down and did a face and hair mask. And oohhhwwwweeeee let me tell you. I love hat stuff!!!! Sadly I didn’t take any pics of the results, but my hair was so soft and fluffy and dense feeling. It moved and everything lol. The process was a little messy but well worth it. My hair felt clean, but not stripped. I could totally see some definition and clumping improvement, I think it would be more noticeable as I gain some length but I’m still not complaining. If you haven’t tried this stuff, you should. Here’s what I did:


No exact measurements were really used. But anyways,


I poured some clay in the bottom of  a bowl(I used Aztac Bentonite Clay from Whole Foods, which ran me about 7 bucks)

added water slowly as I mixed

added a teaspoon of ACV just for kicks

a few drops of EVOO

and mix mix ( slowly adding clay or water as needed until a cake batter like paste was formed)

Then I raked it through my hair like I would a gel or something, making sure I coated every strand, and then I just waited like 30 minutes, rinsed, DC’d and went on with life as usual lol.


Next time I do it I will probably make a video.


On a Sidenote- I think I may have some color damage in my hair 😦  the parts that don’t curl and get all straight like when the rest of my hair curls up is where my color is. Sucks pretty bad but atleast I only colored once early on in my journey.  Ugh see the straight pieces on top? Es no bueno. 😦


But oh well what can you do? I guess I’ll be trimming a little extra in the next few months. But I need to go get my day started, so until next time


❤ M.Stokes