Whole Foods Haul!!

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

I hope all is well 🙂
So this past weekend my and mi madre made a lil field trip to Whole Foods!!! It was pretty exciting! I ended up getting:
-Kinky Curly Come Clean
-Coconut Oil
-Bentonite Clay
– more Kinky Curly Knot Today♥
I was running dangerously low on my KCKT and refused to pay shipping so that made me happy. I tried the Come Clean and it was just meh… it didn’t strip my hair so that’s a plus, idk if I expected it to lather because it didn’t, but no complaints.
The Coconut oil… oh my… don’t know how I feel about that. For starters I HATE the smell of coconut, but everyone raves about it, so I figured if it was totally awesome I could do something to mask the smell. But I used it in my pre-poo and then as a sealer… um… yeah… it felt almost as bad as when my hair is on protein overload… idk what to think. I guess I will try again at a later date
As for the Bentonite Clay, I’m scared to try it lol. And I’m not sure when I’ll have the time, but when I finally use it I’ll take pics and let y’all know how it goes 🙂
Until then,

Brand New YouTube Channel!!!

Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to let you know that I finally have a YT Channel!! Go check it out, subscribe, and all that goodness. If you have any video suggestions, shoot me a comment on here, or over there and I’ll try and make it happen!!


All sorts of Inspiration

Happy Sunday ladies,

Since talking to my mom this weekend, the thought of inspiration has passed through my mind a lot. I’ve been natural just under 4months and we tend to have a lot of conversations about hair, as well as tons of trips to the BSS. Between the two of us we probably have enough wigs and hair products to open our own store lol. But over the past few months of me sharing my newly acquired hair knowledge she’s decided to stop relaxing and transition. So that made me think…
When you finally decided to go natural or transition, who or what did you look to, for inspiration?
I feel like my mom looks to me for tips and advice, and I don’t want to steer her wrong. I know the journey is a personal one and everyone has to learn things on their own. But at the same time I want her to have as painless of a transition as possible. My stepdad isn’t always the most supportive person, and with me away at school, I worry that she may get discouraged.
When people look to you for inspiration, support, advice, etc, what do you tell them that is most helpful when they get discouraged?
Just some random thoughts, so feel free to share yours.